Diffusions Aromatiques are now part of the TCHAO MEGOT adventure

What is Tchaomegot?

Tchao megot is a company that recovers cigarette butts to transform them into an eco-designed insulating material used in construction or for the padding of down jackets. From these butts they obtain a clean and odorless fiber.

They therefore offer solutions such as sensitizing ashtrays or recycling kits for sale. Diffusions Aromatiques has opted for the ashtray to collect cigarette butts and then process them at tchaomegot.

Did you know ? Every year, 25,000 tonnes of cigarette butts are thrown away! That's almost 3 times the Eiffel Tower weight! This waste can be recycled using the unique method in the world without water or toxic solvents, patented by tchaoMégot!

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